Enabling Blockchain for the financial sector of tomorrow

FinBlocks enables financial institutions to become Blockchain enabled in a secure and compliant way, quickly and easily.

A secure and flexible payments platform

Enhanced Security

Security and compliance are at the core of FinBlocks, reducing risk through providing clients with enhanced identity checks and augmenting user data with other sources of information will minimize the risk of fraud and money laundering.

Facilitating Payments

FinBlocks will facilitate payments into the system within both the traditional financial sector and the world of crypto currencies. All Finblocks transactions will be recorded and logged on the secure transaction ledger.

Distributed Transactions

Banks, financial institutions, and businesses spend a lot of time on money managing and maintaining a transactions ledger because often they are operating with old technology systems that have undergone decades of mergers and acquisitions.

Access Crypto Market

There has been a significant rise in the volume of funds invested within crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin. Many holders of these currencies are looking to diversify their investments as crypto currency markets are built on the Blockchain.

Anti Money Laundering

Security and compliance are at the core of the system and reducing risk through providing clients with enhanced identity checks and augmenting user data with other sources of information will minimize the risk of fraud and money laundering for the clients of FinBlocks, all easily and in an automated way.

Client Funds

A key capability from both a functional and regulatory perspective will be the ability for the system to hold client funds on behalf of its customers in a way similar to an escrow; however, it will be more automated with no need for emails or call centers because customers of FinBlocks will integrate seamlessly through an application interface or API.

Meet the team

Experts to meet the challenges of blockchain development and implementation on a global scale.

Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock
CEO & Founder

Chris is CEO of Crowd2Fund, a technology led, FCA regulated finance company. We offer a new generation of investments to pioneer a cultural shift away from the traditional banking systems. We focus on finding innovative businesses and connect them with like-minded investors.

Simon Rae
Simon Rae
Design Director

Simon is a creative professional with over 15 years experience. Delivering leading edge technology platforms for companies including Qantas, CBA, Barclays, Visa and BT. Simon is responsible for developing a world-class product with focus on delivering best design practices.

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Investment opportunity

We are currently fundraising for the first iteration of our software. With this investment we will develop a minimum viable product and prove the business concept with one client. Finblocks is a compliant payments platform for businesses whilst giving them access to the crypto markets as it is built on the BlockChain. This will provide additional security and reduces the risk of fraud.

We are raising a seed round of funding and are seeking £300,000 for 20% of the business. After the initial product is built and our first client successfully onboarded we will seek a further round of £800,000 in funding to increase the capability of the business and win more clients.

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Latest news

FinBlocks hires new team to deliver MVP

The team has been pulled together with a design and product led approach but also extensive Blockchain experience.

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Initial design concept developed

The initial software design has been completed through the development of a front end specification and set of wireframes.

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Goldman Sachs backs blockchain

Fintech startup Circle has captured $110 million in venture capital during the largest venture capital round raised by a cryptocurrency company to date.

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What our investors say

I’m really excited about investing in a new BlockChain start-up as I’m really confident the valuation is going to increase and I really believe in the benefits and opportunity BlockChain will bring in the future.

Richard Yates Richard Yates

I really like the idea of FinBlocks as it’s competing in the marketplace because it’s offering existing services but more because it is built on the BlockChain. It is because of this competitive advantage that I decided to invest.

Debbie Harding Debbie Harding

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